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Eat, Party, Learn– West Coast Style!

expowest logoThe organics and natural foods industry gathers twice a year to showcase new products, network and strengthen existing business relationships.  These expositions are affectionately called Natural Products “Expo East” and “Expo West”. They present the opportunity to celebrate the success of organic foods and discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. In my previous Blog “Eat Party Learn”, I highlighted the educational sessions held by The Organic Trade Association and The Organic Center at Expo East last September. This week, Expo West will descend upon us with all its festivity, gastronomy and bustle. Here you will find opportunities to join the discussions that are important to the flourishing organic and natural food business community.

The first time I attended Expo West was in 1984 when I worked for the small, collectively-owned, health food store, Community Foods. We were so small and frugal that we had to room together.  In those early days the show was simpler and smaller but still a place to express our vision for the organic movement. This year, there are a myriad of opportunities to join in the strategic discussions of where the organic industry can go. Continue reading “Eat, Party, Learn– West Coast Style!”