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Back to the Future; Only Organic

When I was a young lass growing up in Iowa, the way we thought about food was different than it is today.  We lived “in town” and had a prolific backyard garden. It was lined with rows of exuberant Rhubarb and fences of sturdy pole beans. The swing under the Concord grape arbor was where we “took the shade” and shucked sweet green peas from their tender pods. Every summer we trekked out to “The Farm” where the extended family on my grandmother’s side had inhabited vast sections of verdant farmland for decades.  No chemicals, no cages, no mono cropping existed, but instead a fully integrated non-chemical Eden where food grew and people flourished. Organic production takes us back to that place while showing us our future path to sustainably feed the planet. Continue reading “Back to the Future; Only Organic”