Why the Origin of the Organic Livestock Rule is Important to Everyone


There has been a lot of attention on the return of the Origin of Livestock rule for organic.  I wanted to get to the meat of the matter and find out what it meant for my organic dairy friends and why it was important for all organic consumers. Continue reading

A Collision Course with Unintended Consequences

collisionIn an early morning jaunt to Sacramento last week my car was rear ended.  I serve on the California Organic Products Advisory Committee (who by the way are looking for new members), and was on my way to attend a subcommittee meeting when boom—a fine young man rammed me in the rear end of my car. As I recuperate from the trauma, I wax philosophical and wonder why this happened and what the long term unintended consequences will be. The same ruminations can be applied to the novel gene editing techniques that are racing towards us with accelerating speed. Are we all on a genetic collision course with unintended consequences?  Continue reading

“Organic Marketing Report” a campaign of deception or a vision for the future?

Grocery cart full of organic produceA recent, little publicized report, commissioned by Academics Review, came out recently that had some erroneous and quirky conclusions. The researchers were commissioned to review over one hundred published academic and market research studies on organic. The conclusions were that the organic industry has engaged in years of fear-based marketing campaigns as a way to achieve greater sales. It claims that this multi-decade public disinformation campaign has been conducted with the use and approval of the USDA Organic Seal. Does organic seek to cast fear and loathing or do we instead work to spread the good food choice in order to change the way people eat and farm? Continue reading