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FDA moves to ban trans-fats – good for us, bad for the planet

Palm plantation replaces forestYou may have read this New York Times article, FDA Ruling Would All But Eliminate Trans Fat. It was a breakthrough last week when the FDA finally declared that trans-fats are not safe and began a 60-day comment period on a proposal to faze them completely out of U.S. foods. The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Nutrition Action has been trying to reduce or eliminate the use of partially hydrogenated oil, the principal source of artificial trans-fats, for 20 years. The organization had long pushed for trans-fat labeling on Nutrition Facts labels, so GMO labeling advocates should feel encouraged by this consumer choice victory. You can read more from Michael Jacobson on this major FDA Breakthrough. Because it has been known for years that trans-fats lead to heart disease, companies have raced to find cheap alternatives to them. Palm oil is one of those replacements and it has hidden ramifications for our planet.

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