It’s time to make a phone call to your Representative

Stop the DarkI have written about the DARK (Deny Americans Right to Know) Act many times and will likely do so again. There will be more calls to action, but this week is an important one. The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved H.R. 1599 (DARK Act) which would pre-empt states from requiring labeling on GMO products. The bill will now go to the House for a full vote as early as this Thursday, July 23, 2015. It’s time to pick up the phone and make your voice heard before that vote takes place! Continue reading

A letter to President Obama on GMO foods

Capitol HillIn 2007 while campaigning, Barack Obama declared: “Here’s what I’ll do as President… We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.” It is now 2015 and over 125 CEO’s think the president should move to keep his pledge. They have signed a letter to perpetuate the momentum and to act. Continue reading

GMO Call to Action: We’re not in Kansas anymore!

IBalloons label GMO'sts nigh on February already in this New Year and the 114th Congress has been busy setting their agendas. With a multitude of new things underway, one of the sneakiest is a little pernicious bill that originated from a House Representative in the state of Kansas. Last April Representative Mike Pompeo and G.K Butterfield introduced the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” (HR 4432)” which they claim would protect consumers by eliminating confusion and advancing food safety. Sounds great until you look into the verbiage more closely where it becomes evident something else is afoot. The man behind that curtain doesn’t want you to know what’s in your food. This bill would assure that no GMO labeling laws happen in any state and for quite some time! Continue reading

Come fly away come fly me to DC

Capitol HillIowa in the 1960’s offered a life that was simpler and had a less complicated pace. The local airport was small and completely surrounded by towering fields of corn. One of our favorite Friday night rituals was for the entire family to trundle into the old Cadillac and drive to the airport and watch the planes arrive. My mother would pack a picnic supper to eat as we expectantly waited for the two evening planes to land from faraway places. One after the other they gloriously zoomed overhead. It sounds silly now but those were exciting times, and as the small propeller airplanes took off I sniffed my first hint of wanderlust. Who were these people cavorting off through the sky to distant lands? What could they possibly be up to? Continue reading