Bolivian Diaries – Part 3 – Quinoa Rules: meeting the producers in an untamed land

Harvesting QuinoaIt was early fall in Bolivia and the countryside was a riot of flaming Quinoa hues. The fall harvest was in full throttle and as we drove on unruly roads; the landscape was painted with red, gold purple and rust. The intense Andean sun at 14,000 feet struck amazing pinpoints of color under a mighty volcano that’s ancient name is Thunupa.  Amidst this colorful pageant were family members working to harvest their long stalks of Quinoa and complete the first step in the process that ultimately brings it to our tables. Continue reading

Quinoa: a super food that gives super hope

"Photos of Bolivian Quinoa by Vitaliy Prokopets for Andean Naturals"Did you know that most of the quinoa sold in the US market is organic and most of it comes from Bolivia? Are you aware that over 40,000 smallholder farmers in Bolivia have been lifted out of poverty through quinoa production?   Quinoa gives hope to people who believe world hunger can be solved through organic, smallholder family farms.  Quinoa is the trailblazer of all ancient grains, and it’s also the contributor to a food trend that could lead to instability. Continue reading