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A Year of Organic Events awaits you in 2014

Together we growWe have rung in the New Year and I can feel that 2014 will be a good one. I get excited just looking ahead to the upcoming events and know it’s time to make plans to participate. I believe it is through participation and shared dialogue that we can grow the organic industry, support organic farmers and come to consensus on controversial issues. Don’t miss the host of events that awaits you in 2014. Continue reading “A Year of Organic Events awaits you in 2014”

What is Organic

Live every day like it’s your last

Beautiful momentMy Mother always urged me to never save the special china and goblets for guests but to use them every day. She said to always choose the quality of the moment and celebrate every single day as if it was all we had. Among the many pearls of wisdom she bestowed on me, this was one had the most profound impact on who I am today. There were four gems embedded in her philosophy that I would like to share with you. They have direct ties to our success and future as an organic community. Continue reading “Live every day like it’s your last”