Give Thanks that Hope Springs Organic

I had lunch with a colleague last week, an organic advocate, businesswoman and friend. I had not connected with her in far too many years. We both built businesses and believed in organic before there was such a thing. We reminisced about the passion and energy we carried with us as we created new brands in the marketplace. We were eager to promote a different way to grow and produce food; one without harmful inputs that wasn’t dependent on big chemical companies.

We meet years later, both needing a shot of hope and a dose of gratitude. Continue reading

A Dirty Organic Thanks

thanksgiving abundanceWe have almost survived our four-year electoral margination. The beaver moon has eclipsed its emboldened shine. Now we must think of the good meal we will celebrate with friends and family to give thanks. As we consider this gourmands holiday with big birds and fluffy stuffing, it’s not too much of a stretch to consider giving thanks for the soil from whenst it all springs forth. Let’s raise a toast to dirt, humus, and compost and yes to manure itself. For in that microbial dirty brew life is sustained. Continue reading

A Flock of Grace and a Gaggle of Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Abundance

thanksgiving abundanceThanksgiving is the holiday I adore the most. It’s about exercising my culinary muscle while throwing all buckets of restraint down the drain. I was just 12 when I concocted my first Thanksgiving meal for the family, so I’ve had some practice. As I remember, I secured a butterball in a plastic bag, plopped canned beans in a creamy quagmire of mushroom soup topped off with French fried onions, then rehydrated a box of mashed potatoes… my how my culinary times have changed! Continue reading

Give Gratitude for the Growers

Organic FarmerThanksgiving week is often one filled with the intense pursuit of good food and a lot of it. If you are a retailer or distributor getting that food to the customer is a frantic and feverish once-a-year choreography. Stacking, packing and wrapping those cartons of yams, mountains of green beans and gaggles of turkeys are a major endeavor!  For those brave souls constructing the many coursed feast, it requires hours of planning, shopping, chopping and mopping up all the gravy at the end.  No rest for the multitudes of hungry and thankful souls. Continue reading