Biodiversity: Past and Future in Organic Farming

It was in the fertile crescent of Anatolia, a mere 10,000 years ago that the world changed forever. One of our hunter-gathering relatives noticed a few errant wheat seeds sprouting on the footpath where she had previously carried her bounty. She soon realized that saving a few seeds and purposely planting them would lead to regular forages of future wheat.

The dawn of agriculture began thus modestly one seed and species at a time. Agriculture and the taming of all-things-wild spread like a bushfire transforming human culture and the landscape. The very biodiversity of the planet was in peril as agriculture took hold and it’s taken us quite some time to look back. Continue reading

A New Year of Organic Occasions and Sustainable Summits: Hello Sweet Sixteen

2016It’s that time of the year when we set aside the champagne and brie, or beer and curds depending on your longitudinal coordinates. We pull our resolutions up by their proverbial boot straps and get back to work, turning another corner on our good food journey. Sweet sixteen is upon us and so too is a year full of congregations and confluences to satisfy our organic urges and sustainable impulses. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out! Continue reading

Seven Reasons to Make this an Organic Holiday

Food HolidayThe tilt of our magnificent globe has brought us round leaning towards the darkness. Thus we seek out colored lights, baubles, tinsel and song. This whirl of the winter solstice means the light will once again be born, and so we celebrate. You may give gifts, or chortle choruses of carols. The glow of the menorah may light up your latkes. Or perhaps you are one who with great humbuggery rejects the entire pageant and so you go on a tropical vacation. However you celebrate this winter holy darkness, be you Christian, Jewish or Pagan, you can add an organic twist to your holiday jig. Continue reading

The Benefits of Organic: don’t believe me…

Grocery cart full of organic produceI have been in the organic food business since time out of mind. I remember the days before organic labels and standards, the wild west of organic. I now serve on the Organic Trade Association Board of Directors and work for the largest distributor of organic products, UNFI. Of course it stands to reason that I am going to advise you to always choose organic. When I blog, I often end urging you to select organic, support organic farmers and help transition more acreage to organic because it’s better. But what does the science reveal around the subject? Can my claims stand up in a peer reviewed research journal?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Help Get The Dirt On Organic Soil!

Together we growTwo prominent researchers are working to answer that very question! Researchers at Northeastern University are collaborating with The Organic Center to examine the benefits that organic agriculture has on soil health.  Research Scientist Dr. Elham Ghabbour in collaboration with Professor Geoffrey Davies of the National Soil Project (NSP) are striving to determine the amount of sequestered carbon in organic farm top soil and compare them with conventional soil samples. They need YOUR HELP to “get the dirt” on soil samples for this important research project! Continue reading