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Holy honeybees! Where have all my almonds gone?

Almonds need beesIt’s a fact that most fruit and nut trees rely on cross pollination of their blossoms to produce fruit. This pollination is accomplished by the symbiotic relationship between sweet blossoms and nectar-seeking honeybees. The single most important factor to determine a good yield is the pollination that comes from honeybees. The National Resource Defense Council provides some great facts on “Why we need Bees”.

But what happens when there aren’t enough honeybees to do the job? What happens to our food supply when more honeybee colonies collapse?  Continue reading “Holy honeybees! Where have all my almonds gone?”

What is Organic

Keep your eyes on the pesticides and herbicides

Pesticide SprayWhy is it important to keep our eyes on science and research?

Well, as we move into an era where climate change is taking center stage, and wreaking havoc on species and food supplies, I believe it’s important to stay focused on the effects of pesticides and herbicides. Continue reading “Keep your eyes on the pesticides and herbicides”