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Top 2021 Food Trends Include Value & Purpose

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If you’re like me, the beginning of 2021 is cause for pause and reflection. People are dying, political chaos still agitates, and we’re all searching for better ways of living. Staying healthy and well-nourished, according to our beliefs and bodily predilections, is a good place to start. 

Eating trends and diets based on transparency, nutrition, and environmental impact are all on the rise.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or carnivorous meat eater – we are asking for something more basic – food with purpose.

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Culinary Delights, well-being, What is Organic

Putting the Myths About Veganism on the Chopping Block

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As we look at a world that is becoming increasingly frayed around the edges, it’s not surprising that more of us are looking at the possibilities offered by a plant-based diet.

There’s no getting around the environmental impact of eating meat, along with the downright cruel nature of factory-farmed animals. Being a carnivore raises both ethical and health concerns.

Even with all these facts, many people are reluctant to make a change in their diets to a more plant-based approach.

Part of the reason is simple animal magnetism—many of us enjoy the taste of meat. We’re reluctant to give up our culinary preferences.

Which is understandable, for sure.

For some of us, the reluctance to adopt a plant-based approach is based on one of the myths about veganism.

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Four Reasons I Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Organic Farmers Market 3First of all I am not a vegan; I do not wish to be defined by a word. I choose to eat a vegan or plant-based diet on most occasions, and I am having a rollicking time discovering new culinary delights. I still stock a good cave-aged gruyere for my friends, my shoes remain leather bound and my animals dine on organic chicken dinners. Why then would I make such a drastic switch after years of juicy pot roasts and succulent duck flambés? There are four good reasons that I discovered, after reading, watching a few videos and taking a check on my inner feelings. I discovered that how I ate had a profound effect on myself, the planet, its people and its creatures. Four good reasons to make a switch! Continue reading “Four Reasons I Choose a Plant-Based Diet”